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Gateron Optical Switches (Blue/Brown/Silver/Yellow) MOQ 70pcs

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Gateron KS-3 Milky Yellow Pro Linear Switches

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Gateron G Pro Brown (Factory Lubed)

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Different Gateron G Pro Switches Features 

Different Gateron G Pro Switches Features

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Factory Pre-Lubed And A Polish Feel

As we all know, a silky polished feel is one of the Gateron mechanical switch’s main features. The Gateron G Pro Switch, however, goes a step further and adds pre-lubed technology to the already polished feeling switches for a smooth actuation. This offers a enhanced and more tactile feel when typing or gaming.

Inside Different Gateron G Pro Brown Switch

New Antioxidant Gold Contacts

The inside of the switch adopts new anti-oxidation gold contacts to offer better durability performance. The switch’s improved oxidation resistance and anti-vulcanization performance help to increase the keyboard switch’s lifespan and longevity.

Upgraded Stem And More Stability

The G Pro Switch optimized its mold and upgraded its stem pole structure to be more stable and less wobbly than other ordinary Gateron switches.

Upgrade Stem And More Stable
High Compatibility 3-Pin Design

High Compatibility 3-Pin Design

This 3-Pin switch combines a hollowed-out light position design with a transparent upper housing to provide compatibility for SMD-LED and RGB-LED lights. It is compatible with almost all 3-Pin PCB keyboards.


Product Name Gateron G Pro Switch
Stem POM, MX stem
Upper Housing PC, transparent housing
Housing Base Nylon PA66, white base
Spring Spring steel
Pins 3-Pin switch
Lubrication Lubed version
SMD LED Support Yes
Spec Sheet Download PDF

PS: SMD is an acronym for Surface Mounted Device. Their LEDs are attached to a rectangular printed circuit board (PCB). These LED chips can come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can produce different light intensities and colors.

Note: The G Pro White switch(110 pcs) and G Pro Silver switch adopt two-stage springs.

Compatible Keyboards

Compatible with any hot-swaps mechanical gaming keyboards/DIY custom keyboards with 2-Pin LED/4-Pin LED/SMD-LED or RGB-SMD lights.

Gateron G Pro Switches Layout of PCB

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