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GMK Clone Toxic PBT DYE SUB Cherry Profile Keycaps

৳ 2,850.00

GMK Clone MODO Light 192 keys ABS Double Shot Cherry Profile Keycap

৳ 3,500.00
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GMK Clone Taro 173 Keys ABS DOUBLE SHOT Keycap

৳ 3,900.00

Theme: Taro Keycap ISO ANSI Layout with 6.25U 7U Spacebar Keycaps.

Layout: ISO ANSI Layout

Height: Cherry Profile

Language: English & Chinese

Number of Keys: 173 Keys

Material: ABS Double Shot

Shifts included: 1u, 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 3×2.25u, 2×2.75u, 3u

Spacebars included: 2×6.25u, 7u

Feeling: Soomth but also a little bit grainy, it is advanced ABS that have a longer lifespan because we used a better craft and material to produce it.

It compatible with GMMK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard GMMK Pro


Just keycaps, not keyboards

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